About us

for you, for the environment

Calidus, our company, is active in renewable energy area or other “green” areas business and therefore we import and sell the following types of products:

Pellet heating systems (boilers)
 Pellet and wood stoves
Accumulator tank and domestic hot water tank
Solar systems
Heating system accessories
Water-less urinals
Cleaning products “MB Active”

One of our purpose is to provide for our customers the highest quality standards and therefore:
we install all systems and heating solutions with our installation teams very well prepared
we maintain a proper operation of heating systems giving the
customer a post-sale arrangement whereby we can
provide once or twice a year checking system.
we offer to our customers emergency service in maximum 48h
we distribute to our customers the best quality pellets at a fair price
we provide consumables to our customers if and when they need.

Our philosophy, “Protecting the environment”.
Our philosophy indicates a clear commitment that is taken seriously and dictates our whole way of thinking and acting.
We only offer brands that use renewable and natural resources to deliver energy, brands that may reduce electricity and water consumption.
We are not just about delivering heat in buildings, there is much more we can do to contribute to save the planet.

Our mission
To protect the environment and to become the benchmark supplier of ecological solutions !
Our mission is to achieve the following four objectives:

Alternative energy (based on scrap wood and sun)
Reduce the electricity consumption
Reduce water consumption
Innovative technology

We adapt to customer requirements not the customer to our needs
Customizing projects according to customer needs
We are available whenever the customer needs us

Recovery of investment in a relatively short period due to the low fuel cost

We provide complete solutions:
– We produce
– We distribute
– We install
We provide maintenance to sold systems
We have qualified staff

Our vision
To become the No. 1 trading company in the Romanian market for solutions that reduce CO2, electricity and water consumption
Our vision will be achieved through five strategic pillars:

– Focus on key categories & segments
– Leading brand portofolio
– Innovations
– Priority markets

– Cost effective supply chain
– Smart overheads & indirects
– Capital effectiveness

– Business principles
– Awareness principles
– Sensible regulation
– CO2 reduction

– Continous education of peleti and pellet heating systems
– Forum
– Romanian Green Building Council

– An environment where people love to work
– Leadership & culture
– Talent pipeline
– Skills development