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 producer of complete compressed natural gas fueling stations meant for the fueling of transport means on compressed natural gas (methane).
 producer of equipment for the conversion of transport means on gas fuel.
 proficiency in the implementation and operation of machines that use compressed natural gas as engine fuel.

Comparative characteristics of the main

 Main characteristics of compressed natural gas for vehicles  

 Compressed natural gas is produced by compressing, at pressures ranging from 20 to 25MPa (200-250 bar), natural gas taken from collecting, transport or distribution pipes.
   The Wobbe index of natural gas in Romania ranges between 37.8 and 56.6 MJ/m3.
   The methane (CH4) related octane number is between 125 and 130.
   Maximum storage pressure for compressed natural gas in the vehicle tank recipient is 20MPa (200 bar).
   The relative density of natural gas in Romania ranges between 0.55 and 0.7 kg/m3.
   The self-ignition temperature of compressed natural gas is at around 540°C.

 Main advantages attached to the use of compressed natural gas

   The experience of some states in the European Community (Italy, France, Germany) and on the American continent (Argentina, the USA, Canada) shows the opportunity and the advantages linked with the introduction in Romania of vehicles fueled with compressed natural gas.
 More than 20 years of experience with the use of this type of fuel, as well as the technological advances of equipment manufacturers have shown the following important benefits of compressed natural gas as compared with the use of other types of fuels:
– good resistance to shock because of the requirements relating to the recipients, tanks and pipes;
– an easier process to obtain the combustion mix as compared with traditional fuels;
– slow reduced noise combustion;
– high protection at the ignition of installations in the vehicles;
– non-toxic fuel;
– simple chemical composition and lower polluting emissions (decrease of CO2 emission with approx. 25%);
– the lower density of air enables the easy detection of accidental leaks, with exhaustion carried out via natural ventilation systems;
– high degree of dilution in air in case of accidental fuel leaks;
– elimination of the possibility of explosion at the compressed natural gas tank, owing to the protection systems;
 The programme developed by the European Commission provides that 10% of the vehicles in Europe should be fueled on compressed natural gas by 2020.
  The accomplishment of this goal requires the infrastructure for the compressed natural gas fueling of vehicles on all European roads, Romanian roads included.

Overview of a compressed natural gas fueling station

 Characteristics of the compressed natural gas distribution station

   The temperature range allowed for the surrounding air: from -55°C to +45°C. All the technical subassemblies of the station ensure the safe operation for the entire range of declared temperatures;
 Compressed natural gas station is equipped with automatic systems for the control of temperatures, of ventilation, of pre-explosive concentrations of natural gas, of station emergency shutdown, with fire extinguishing systems, alarm;
 The advantage of our equipment includes oil-free compressors: their structure excludes air infiltration in the environment of compressed natural gas (CNG). For this reason, repeated cleaning of oil gas is not required;
 The W-structure with a balanced cylinder operating system ensures the absence of vibrations – therefore, it increases the operating cycle of compression assemblies;
   The cooling system in the compressor working area, executed as a closed tight circuits, allows the optimal temperature of the subassemblies and it protects against the penetration of the cooling medium fluids in the compressed natural gas;
 Compressed natural gas is provided with liquid chillers, meant to decrease compressed air temperature at output up to +7°C at a 250bar pressure. This does not allow the injection of overheated compressed natural gas in the gas fuel system;
 Compressed natural gas is provided with flame detection systems, with systems for the detection of Dry-cooler liquid cooling, of the subassembly for the metering of inlet gas, of the pneumatic adjustment and control system, of drain units, of compressed natural gas storage in the basic module, with mass flow meter, safety stop valve, two-three step filling tap;
 The automation of working processes allows remote control.

Compressor for methane

Storage unit

CNG in container with Dry cooler for cooling

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