Cleaning products

 MB Active Cleaner

With microbiological and odor eradicating action. Removes lime and soap residues and delays renewed soiling.

Product efficiency
The URIMAT MB-ActiveCleaner with Kalkex has a microbiological action. It features excellent cleaning power and removes bad odors as a result of the decomposition of organic substances. It removes lime and soap residues and delays renewed soiling. It is particularly suitable for maintenance cleaning and odor removal in heavily used sanitary facilities.

Microorganisms deeply penetrate the pores, breaking down the odors organic residues deposited there. URIMAT MB-Active Cleaner with Kalkex provides sustained, comfortable freshness. Its daily use prevents bad odors from developing.
Ingredients pursuant to EU recommendations
Anionic tensides: <5%, nonionic tensides: <5%, preservatives, other ingredients: additives and flavors. When cleaning sanitary facilities, do not use any cleaning agents containing chlorine and acid in addition to URIMAT MB-ActiveCleaner with Kalkex.

Humans and the environment

Tensides are biodegradable (according to the OECD test method)
Phosphate-, formaldehyde- and solvent-free
The bottle is made of polyethylene, the cover of polypropylene:recyclable
UBA 01060084

Range of applications:

Toilet and sanitary facilities
Lavatories and showers
Facades and passages
Waste collection stations
Floors, carpets

MB Active Cube

Product performance
The URIMAT MB-ActiveCube is a microbiological odor and deposit killer. After the pipes got cleaned, the MB ActiveCube significantly reduces the development of scale in the pipes and around the siphon. The reduced risk that the pipes get blocked leads to substantial savings in routine maintenance.

With regular application, the microorganisms significantly reduce encrustations and soften scale deposits, keeping the siphon and the soil pipes free permanently. Unpleasant smells are simply broken down.

Bacteria, block polymers, perfumes..

Environmental features
Not hazardous for humans or animals. Marine animals are not affected. Compatible with sewage treatment plants. Do not use acidic cleaners or cleaners containing chlorine in addition to URIMAT MB-ActiveCube. For regular maintenance cleaning in sanitary installations, we recommend the use of URIMAT MB-ActiveCleaner,
which also works micro-biologically.

Range of products
MB – ActiveCleaner with Kalkex Concentrate – 10 liters – Article number: 80.006
MB – ActiveCleaner with Kalkex Concentrate – 3×1 liter + URIMAT spray, 450 ml, empty – Article number: 80.002
MB – ActiveCleaner with Kalkex Concentrate – 1 litru – Article number: 80.001
URIMAT spray bottle – 450 ml, empty – Article number: 80.008
URIMAT dosing device for 10 liters recipient – Article number: 80.008
MB – ActiveCube 10 pieces box – Article number: 80.304