Service & support

for you, for the environment

Our planning team will guide you and provide support during the entire planning process and develop with you the best solution based on your needs.
You will receive:
A dedicated contact for you !
Development of a detailed plan for the system.

Our specialist service teams carry, install and start-up the system to ensure maximum performance based from the beginning on environment consideration, then they will explain you the system operation while handing-over it. Own maintenance teams consisting of specialists to cover the entire product portfolio. Fully equipped maintenance team.
Training staff to be always able to solve a problem.
System operation adapted to your requirements.

Knowledge and related services of the products that we sell is our strength. Everyday, our customer service department uses his knowledge to ensure customer’s convenience and comfort. When you have a maintenance contract with Calidus you can sleep peacefully. Through the maintenance services-regular checks your heating system will operate normally having a safety operation and optimum energy consumption over the years. A service contract with Calidus will guarantee that your system is in good hands. Your Calidus technician knows exactly what he has to do, is fast, reliable and responsible.

Flexible levels of the maintenance contracts.
24 of 24 service hours.
Spare parts available immediately.

Distribution of CALIDUS pellets
Calidus pellets will guarantee a high quality fuel supply at any time and at constant prices of our distribution networks.
We handle everything from ordering to delivery, again to make sure all the convenience and comfort possible.

Our own distribution chain.
Immediate delivery according to your needs.
Different methods of delivery.