Pellet Heating Boilers

PZ 35 RL 35KW

Heating with renewable energies is the future and you will not only contribute to the environment, you also will reduce massively your annual energy cost.

The Biotech PZ35RL boiler is especially designed to deliver maximum energy to buildings such as:

– Family houses
– Holiday houses
– Small office buildings
– Workshops
– Small warehouses

The Biotech PZ35RL heating boiler has a performance range from 8.5 – 35 kW and is ideal to serve energy to buildings up to a surface of approximately 400 – 600m2. If you have for example a building whereby you need a 70 kW heating boiler but you don’t want to rely on one single boiler only, you can simply connect two Biotech PZ35RL boiler with each other through cascade regulation and this will optimally deliver energy as and when needed.

With a great nominal efficiency of above 95% the boiler is outstanding in its class and is leading in technology. Key features such as large storage room, daily storage container with an automated transport system, automatic burner and heat exchanger cleaning, lambda probe, micro processor, LED display and so on, are as standard included in the boiler. This for sure will provide you with the highest comfortable levels possible – “enjoy a warm home!”


Consisting of:
– Electric connection: 230 VAC / 50Hz, 16 A;
– Appliance body with efficient winding insulation;
– Automatic ignition of pellets (hot air ignition system);
– Speed regulated induced draft and secondary air fan;
– Lambda probe and air mass sensors (primary and secondary air);
– Temperature resistant tubular heat exchanger with automatic cleaning;
– Burning system made of heat resistant stainless steel with automatic burner grate cleaning;
– Daily pellet container including strainer (with notification for fullness) and 1 suction turbines;
– Main Pellets storage room (up to 12 tons) can be within a distance of 15-20 meters away from the appliance;
– Great dimensioned ash box, including as compression (to be emptied after 3-4 tons of burned pellets);
– Micro processor regulation with graphic screen for menu navigation;
– Up to 4 regulated heating circuits can be activated;
– Assembly and operational manual.

Specific features:
– Program for hot water tank loading including hot water tank probe, program for accumulator loading is contained in the standard edition;
– Easy placement into heating room as appliance, daily storage container and covering are separate;
– All connections like flow, return flow, ventilation and chimney opening are at the back of the heating boiler.

1. Daily pellet container
2. Vacuum flap
3. Separator
4. Vacuum device
5. Worm screw engine
6. Worm screw
7. Lambda probe
8. Ignition fan
9. Burner grate
10.Heat exchanger
11.Air flow sensor
12.Ash box


Nominal heat performance (kW) – 35
Degree of efficiency at full load (%) – 92.39
Max.adjustable boiler temperature (%) – 95.76
Tolerable operating pressure (C) – 90
Presiune de operare admisă (bar) – 3
CE designation according to low tension guidelines
Necessary delivery pressure (mbar/Pa) – 0.00-0.05/0-5
Exhaust gas temperature at full load (C) – 97.01
Exhaust gas temperature at part load (C) – 57.54
Exhaust gas mass flow at full load (g/s) – 22.0
Exhaust gas mass flow at part load (g/s) – 5.8
CO2 at full load (Vol%) – 12.77
CO2 at part load (Vol%) – 9.36
Width boiler (mm) – 1300
Depth boiler (mm) – 650
Total depth (mm) – 750 2)
Height of boiler (mm) – 1770 1)
Height of smoke tube connection (mm) – 1335 1)
Height of flow (mm) – 465 1)
Height of return flow (mm) – 1110 1)
Height of ventilation (mm) – 1460 1)
Diameter of smoke tube connection (mm) – 130
Total weight (kg) – 430
Water content (lt) -120
Reservoir (kg) – 200
Ash box (lt) – 23
Standby (W) – 20
Filling – Turbine (W) – 1600
Grate cleaning (W) – 65
Pre-filling (W) – 75
Ignition (W) – 1020
At 100% performance (W) – 50-80

Backward (mm) – 280
Left to wall (mm) –
Right to walls (mm) – 400

Flow (tol) – 5/4
Return flow (tol) – 5/4
Ventilation for boiler (tol) – 1/2
Appliance emptying (inch) – 1/2

ΔT = 20K (mbar) – 25.8
ΔT = 10K (mbar) – 103.2

In operation (DB) – 35
During suction (DB) – 67

1) Excl. adjustable feet;
2) Incl. exhaust gas pipe.
Pellets consumption:
-Minimum 1.8 kg/h
-Maximum 7 kg/h at full capacity