Urimat Eco Info

Innovative and trend-setting

Our globally patented urinal sets new benchmarks for sanitary facilities and has put an end to wasting valuable drinking water.
The water and chemical free urinal is proving itself in many private and public facilities, making a valuable contribution to the use of natural resources. Well-known companies such as McDonald’s, OMV, Tank&Rast GmbH and the Hahn airport are currently using our Urinal, saving million liters of water annually.

The reservoir
The reservoir is a high-quality, heavy-duty special injection moulded article (polycarbonate blend) with an original thickness of 5 mm.
The pore-free surface and the addition of an antibacterial granulate prevent the development of bacteria and bad odours.
At only 5,2 kg URIMAT is a light weight among urinals, but still break-proof.
The patented shape of the reservoir guarantees that URIMAT is 100% back-spray-free, protecting clothing and the environment. This is achieved with an extremely strong negative curvature in the impact area and with the shape of the border of the reservoir extending far to the front.
The user stands closer to the urinal, increasing the target accuracy.
This significantly reduces the maintenance cleaning and saves additional costs.

Technical details:
– Color: white
– Weight: 5.2 kg
– Material: policarbonat
– Drain trap with hydrostatic float
– The patented drain trap insert guarantees the smooth operation without sealing liquid. It is inserted into the respective opening in the urinal.
– The urine reaches the internal piece of the drain trap. After arriving at the overflow height, it is transferred to overflow area through the corresponding openings and diverted into the sewage system.
– The intake of the drain trap is closed by float. The flexible sealing lip keeps odours sealed in.The urine is diverted into the sewage system via drain trap overflow.

Nature benefits too!
Water becomes gradually scarcer; it makes sense to stop wasting valuable resources. With every use, our urinal saves 3-5 liters of valuable drinking water.
Chemicals and sealing liquid are not required either.
URIMAT is 100% recyclable.
Save money, earn money

Place your advertising message on the info display. No one can avoid looking at these commercials. As soon as someone approaches the urinal, the sensor-controlled back-light display illuminates.
The attention for your advertising message is enormous. In 2002, a study conducted by the renowned marketing research institute IHA-GfK has shown that:

93% of persons surveyed first noticed the advertising display of the urinal
96% respond positively to the advertising message on the urinal or do not mind it.
90% still remember the message on the display.

These figures are unattainable for any other media. An important additional benefit of the info display is the option to lease the advertising space and generate additional revenue.

URIMAT recommends for cleaning and maintenance: MB ACTIVE CLEANER & MB ACTIVE CUBE

With microbiological and odor eradicating action.
Removes lime and soap residues and delays renewed soiling.

Range of applications::

Toilet and sanitary facilities
Lavatories and showers
Facades and passages
Waste collection stations

MB Active Cleaner
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