Urimat Eco

The reservoir
The URIMAT synthetic reservoir is very light – only 4,3 kg – and is therefore very easy to install.

Absolutely damage resistant
The reservoir is made of high-quality polycarbonate blend specially designed for URIMAT. This special injection-molded article is extremely robust and makes URIMAT break-resistant and vandal-proof.

Absolutely hygienic
The insulating action of the special synthetic material reduces the build-up of deposits on the surface. The pore-free surface and the addition of an antibacterial granulate prevent the development of bacteria and bad odors.

Drain trap with hydrostatic float
The patented and exchangeable drain trap insert siphon used in the URIMAT takes up the urine and drains it into the sewage system (without using any water). The hydrostatic float seals the insert (without sealing liquid) and prevents bad odors from developing.

Technical details:
– Color: white
– Weight:4.3 kg
– Material: policarbonat
– The patented drain trap insert guarantees the smooth operation without sealing liquid. It is inserted into the respective opening in the urinal.
– The urine flows into the cylindrical internal piece of the drain trap and from there into the overflow area.
– The urine pushes the float up, sealing the intake of the drain trap.
– The flexible sealing lip keeps odours sealed in.
– The urine is diverted into the sewage system via drain trap overflow.
– URIMAT eco is an ideal alternative to water-flushed urinals, because it does not require electricity, water or chemicals and can be installed easily anywhere.
Moreover, URIMAT eco saves significant acquisition, maintenance and operating costs. It is the ideal urinal solution for renovations and new buildings – representing both an economically and ecologically meaningful and sustainable investment.

URIMAT recommends for cleaning and maintenance: MB ACTIVE CLEANER & MB ACTIVE CUBE

With microbiological and odor eradicating action.
Removes lime and soap residues and delays renewed soiling.

Range of applications::

Toilet and sanitary facilities
Lavatories and showers
Facades and passages
Waste collection stations

MB Active Cleaner
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